Welcome to Malaika Orphanage

Organization background and structure

Malaika (Angel) Orphanage Center was established in 2005 and registered in 2007 under section 21, 2011 as a Non Profit Organization, 2012 as a Public Benefit Organization.    
Together with the community members
  in the area, the founders were touched after seeing the hardship with many of the children leaving in difficult situations with no hope of their future in life. That is when Malaika Orphanage Center started on the basis of day care project caring, loving and in future to focus on sheltering the homeless. 
The center started in Secunda, extension 15 in Mpumalanga Province in 2005 and the organization managed to register in 2007 under section 21. In 2011 Malaika orphanage center registered as a Non- profit Organization.  With the hard work and a long term struggle, In 2010, Malaika orphanage center opened its Local and International Volunteer opportunity projects where volunteers come and help with the center projects, support financially and with material help.   

The charity currently provides support in three main areas:

  • Support to provide the most basic needs like food, School support,  clothes, sanitation and care for children without a home and under privileged families. 
  • Daycare for those children not yet in school and an after school club providing additional education and recreational activities. (school finishes at 2-3pm), 
  • Establishing youth groups to give emotional support to caring families and provide supplementary education on HIV / AIDS and other local issues, by sharing their views, knowledge and positive attitude in the areas of difficulty through our youth programs like the Malaika Brass Band, Malaika Youth Group and Dancing class.